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4 Reasons to Avoid Using Wix

Avoid Using Wix

I get it – when you’re starting your own business, the thought of building your website can be daunting. There are so many options out there that promise “easy, professional (and sometimes free)” website builders. That seems like the best option because, hey, you don’t have a lot of time to worry about putting your website together. Although these websites seem like the best choice, there are quite a few downsides that make them less than ideal for your professional website. I want to touch more about the negatives of sites like Wix, to make sure that you’re completely informed before you make your choice. Let’s go over 4 reasons to avoid using Wix.

You Don’t Own Your Content

I’m starting this list off with the BIGGEST reason you should avoid using platforms like Wix. When you create your website with them, they own your content and you can’t export it elsewhere.

You can certainly save your copy and images on your computer or cloud-based storage, but you’re not taking that pretty website design with you when the time comes to change providers. If something happens with the company and they go out of business, you will lose your website and all of the traffic + clients that come with it. You’ll be starting over from scratch.

Slow Loading Times

Imagine this: a potential client found you on Pinterest and clicked on a link to your website. They’re so excited to read your latest blog post. Their browser takes them to your site and…. Nothing. They wait for a couple of minutes and your site finally starts to load. By this time, their excitement has probably dwindled, and they’re hitting the back button.

Wix sites have been known to have slow loading times, which is not great for a professional website that’s main purpose is to convert clients. They’ve recently introduced a few options that are meant to assist with page loading, but they still fall flat when compared to platforms like WordPress.

Limited Additional Functionality

This continues to be one of my main struggles with sites like Wix. The ability to add additional functionality is limited, at best. Wix offers an E-Commerce option, but little else in the sense of additional functions. When compared to WordPress and their extensive library of plugins, Wix pales in comparison.

If your site needs to do anything unusual or out of the box, you’ll find that you’re extremely limited by your Wix website.

Buggy Page Builder

I’m going to be honest with this one and tell you that this is probably a personal bias. I just don’t like the Wix page builder. I’ve tried it on multiple occasions (because it’s good to try new things), and have hated it every time. The user interface is buggy, and just not set up well. In comparison, WordPress and Squarespace offer seamless “drag and drop” options that work much better.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “If I shouldn’t use Wix, what the heck should I use?”

If you know anything about me, then you probably know my answer. WordPress.

Although it can be intimidating at first, WordPress is and will continue to be the best choice for your professional website. There are essentially unlimited options for customizing your website. You can also add just about any type of functionality with plugins (which is something that neither of the previous options offer). Here are a few types of website that I’ve built using WordPress:

  • Membership sites with monthly subscriptions
  • E-Commerce Stores that sell both physical and digital products
  • Fashion Blogs
  • Wedding Photography Websites

The range of options is ridiculous. And to be honest, you can create a beautiful DIY website using the platform. There are a wide range of resources available to you, including YouTube videos and blog posts, that will help you get over the WordPress learning curve. WordPress also has page builder options (like Elementor and Beaver Builder) that make designing an effective website super easy.

Now that you’ve read over this post, do you agree with the 4 reasons to avoid using Wix?

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