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Five Essential WordPress Plugins

Five Essential Plugins for Wordpress

WordPress has SO many plugin options. You can essentially make your site have just about any functionality with the addition of plugins. But if you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming to figure out which plugins are essential. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of five essential plugins for WordPress. I use each and every one of these plugins on all of my client sites (and my own).

If you want to install these plugins, you’ll be able to do so by using the search feature under the Plugin section of your WordPress website. Simply type the name, install, and activate! Let’s get into the list.

Yoast SEO

My favorite (and most recommended) essential free plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO. It’s one of the easiest and intuitive plugins to help with search engine optimization. And believe me, I’ve used all of the options on the market.

Yoast SEO makes setting up your content ridiculously easy. It allows you to choose a focus keyword for each page or post and gives you tips on how to better optimize your content to rank for that specific keyword. Once you choose your keyword, it will check through the content and provide recommendations on how to increase your ranking. 

Here are my favorite features:

  • Choose keywords for individual pages
  • Optimize each page with recommendations
  • Change your meta information for each page/post easily


This has been my favorite plugin for getting my website to run faster overall. This particular plugin can optimize your website’s code (HTML/CSS/JS) and clear your cache with a simple click of a button. Overall, it helps to keep your site running quickly and smoothly.

Here are my favorite features: 

  • Optimize your HTML, CSS, and JS code to allow site to run faster
  • Clear your website’s cache with the simple click of a button


I love Smush for so many reasons – one of them being the cute little supergirl character that comes with it! The design of the plugin is seamless, making it SO easy to use. Essentially, Smush helps to optimize your images to help clear space on your site. 

Here are my favorite features:

  • Automatically converts your uploaded images to the optimal formats.
  • “Bulk Smush” 50 images per day with the free version
  • Smush images individually through media library
  • Easy to use

WPVivid Backup

I know you’ve been told so many times that you need to backup your website. But if you’re new to WordPress, you probably have NO idea how to do that. WPVivid Backup is a plugin that makes backups ridiculously easy. You can schedule them to occur as often as you like AUTOMATICALLY. You also have the option of saving the backup locally or to remote storage (like Google Drive). Personally, I always send my backup to my Google Drive because it frees up space on my website. This is the only backup plugin that I use for ALL of my client websites. 

Here are my favorite features:

  • Backup your site locally or to remote storage
  • Schedule your backups 
  • Easily upload your backups and recover lost information


Of the list of five essential WordPress plugins, Jetpack is my favorite. It’s my favorite because of how many features it offers. You’ll read different things about Jetpack – one being that it’s so large that it slows your website down. This is true – but it’s true for ANY plugin that you install on your website. Your website will function just fine with Jetpack installed. If you want more of the nitty-gritty details, you’ll find them on this post:

Here are my favorite features:

  • Site Statistics (including views, referrals)
  • Security (prevent malicious logins)
  • Auto Update your plugins
  • Performance and Speed (Choose to optimize your page loading times)
  • Sharing posts and content to social media (manually or automatically)
  • Social share buttons for visitors
  • Additional widgets for use on pages and posts

I hope you enjoyed this list of five essential wordpress plugins! Let me know if the comments below if you’ve decided to use any of them for your own website. If you loved this post, and want to learn more about working togetherget in touch!

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